JCB has solved the problem of the Siberian frosts in England

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JCB taking into account the previous abnormally cold winters in Europe has developed a new device to heat the cabin and engine backhoe loaders before coming to the operator.

JCB offers a backhoe loaders models 3CX and 4CX, equipped with an automatic heater and heating system with a timer. The new device is not so much facilitates the work of the operator, how much can improve performance at the expense of warm cabin and quick starting of the engine. The presence of such a heater with a planned time of work allows all the time to maintain the desired temperature of the engine and to refuse from its cold start, which prolongs service life.

The heating system is activated with a 24-hour timer that can be set to switch on the heater up to three times during the day. Turning on the heater can manually from the cabin.

When enabled, automatically checking water heater, then the burner operating on diesel fuel. The fuel is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber and ignited with a spark. The combustion products pass through the heat exchanger which transfers heat to the engine cooling system. Warm air goes into the cockpit through the air vents.

Electronic thermal control system off the burner upon reaching the set temperature in the cabin and coolant the cooling system of the engine. Fuel consumption is only from 0.27 to 0.62 l/h

Since the burner is used fuel from the main fuel tank, there is no need in additional tanks. It also does not require the use of auxiliary sources of electric energy. The new system will allow to leave the car on a totally unequipped places.