MANITOU a Modern Business-Model of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Business

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Manufacture plays an integral role in the human activity, innovations are a result of his intellectual activity, industrial capital was and remains the major activity. In a modern manufacturing business the main goods value added appears in engineers, designer and marketing inventions. Innovation in these spheres guarantee leadership on the market at the expanse of more qualitative and competitive product output.

In the 2013 and the 2014 as a responsible person for the work with VIP-customers at ABA ASTRA LTD, I was twice privileged to be in one of the most modern manufactures of telescopic wheel loaders, near of city Nant (France). Business-model of this manufacturer allows to create innovative products and to be the leader of the telescopic loaders world market during many decades. This high result is achieved at the expanse of family business-traditions, openings and developments in designer and marketing spheres, and also at the expanse of a highly leveled cooperation with leading manufacturers of constituent parts and powerful distribution system in the whole world.

In 1898 Alexander Bro the companys MANITOU founder started production of agricultural machinery. In 1958 his grandson, Marcel Bro, invented a first high-traction forklift loader. In 1972 the company signed a partnership agreement with a Japanese manufacturer TOYOTA on selling of industrial forklift loaders in France. At this brand new stage of family business development, profits vast majority is put in innovative solutions development and in 1982 on the bases of their own inventions the MANITOU company manufactured the first in the whole world telescopic loader, and in 1989 the world agricultural machinery market got a new product, which became popular very quickly and became irreplaceable for agriculture. Today among agrarians the word MANITOU is a synonym of phrase telescopic loader. Similar happens in other spheres, when machinery of different manufacturers are named the same as a brand-discoverer of the market. The easiest example for comparison is word XEROX, which is used as a synonym of phrase copy duplicator machine.

Today the annual turnover of the MANITOU company is 1.176 billion, its production is represented by such brands as GEHL,MUSTANG,MANITOU in the following three market sectors: agriculture, building, industry.

The company successfully works in 120 countries, has 19 branches, 1 400 dealers, 8 manufacturing areas located in France, USA, Italy, on which 400 loaders models are manufactured. MANITOU company cooperates with 1 600 suppliers from all over the world. 3 200 employees work in the company, market capitalization is 450 million. The family holds 65,4 % of the shares. Among them, 25,5% are at capital market, 2,8% - TOYOTA, 6,3% - Yanmar.

As a locomotive of the MANITOU business there are 5 constructive-developing centers, which patented 64 discoveries, where 225 engineers work for today, that is 7,2% of total workers quantity. Owing such a powerful engineering constructive resource, the company uses not more than 20% of constituent parts by their own production. It is, first of all, the most important part of the telescopic loader, which allows to manipulate safety by cargo at a height point. Remaining 80% of the company purchases from worldwide famous manufacturers of assembly units and constituent parts, half of these parts are manufactured due to OM terms according the drawings and under MANITOU brand:

At the current time the manufacture MANITOU it is 1 700 operators, 32 assembling lines by total area of 551.100 square meters. The basic activities are as following: welding, assembling, colouring, treatment, testing and control, loading-unloading operations, manufacturing and product monitoring, dispatch and logistics.

MANITOU - is a shining example of a modern business model of the agriculturalmachinerymanufacturing sphere. The business traditions, innovations and international cooperation are the keys to a success of the worldwide leader on the telescopicloaders market during many decades.

Vitaliy Mietolkin


Translated by Natalia Dragnieva

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