Rostselmash has mastered production of a new modification of corn reapers

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Rostselmash launched serial production of new posereznee harvester for harvesting corn PPK-81 ARGUS (capacity of 14 to 25 t/h), equipped with plastic dividers.

This was reported by the marketing Director of the company Rostselmash Alexey Moshnenko. In his words, the necessity of producing a new type of cutter is dictated by current conditions in design and aesthetic appearance.

The dividers are designed for separation of harvested rows and lifting polegshey plants at movement of the harvester over the field, made of a special polymer compound, which is of particular strength and durability. Plastic material and a special form does not damage the ear of corn. Perfect aerodynamics allows you to move around the field. Divisors simple in work and in the care, resistant to physical shock, chemicals and cold-resistant (up to - 40 C)possess chemical resistance to acids and alkalis, does not corrode. The results of factory and field tests have confirmed the correctness of the selected material.

According to Director on marketing company Rostselmash Alexey Moshnenko, for peasant farms created the universal equipment, capable to provide the most comfortable conditions during operation: along with plastic dividers, will be released modifications of corn harvesting machines have metal dividers. For this purpose the specialists of the company Rostselmash has developed a universal frame, on which you can install as plastic dividers with hoods and metal dividers. At the customer's online you can remove the plastic dividers and install metal.

The demand for new modification corn reapers ARGUS production company Rostselmash is likely to be high. Confirmation of this is the fact that the new industrial batch of 20 corn reapers PPK-81 ARGUS, equipped with plastic dividers, the Assembly line was immediately shipped to consumers farmers.