Ukrainian farmers study experience of doing agricultural business in the Czech Republic

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Company ABA ASTRA and Horsch-Ukraine organized trip to the Czech Republic to one of agricultural enterprises belonged to company HORSCH (Germany) for TOP-managers of leading agricultural manufactures in Lvov region companies Zapadniy Bug, Agroculture and Agro LV Vimited from 16th till 18th of September, 2013. There they could estimate level of doing business that was achieved thanks to seldom symbiosis: agricultural machinery constructor agricultural producer.


Business trip to the Czech Republic was a follow test of cultivating, seeding and tractor agricultural machinery on those companies fields. Tests were carried out by Agrobuilding Alliance ASTRA with the support of its suppliers HORSCH and AGCO/FENDT (Germany) in April and in August. Those tests enabled the main specialists, the government, and companys owners to take into account fields specific conditions to do production tasks by using modern agricultural technologies and to plan in advance deliveries to the enterprises. 

Test results:

Every participant of the event during business trip to the Czech Republic could appreciate work results not only of companys HORSCH agricultural machinery that are widely offered in market, but also to become familiar with new experienced models, which are necessary for doing successful business. Guests were witnesses of that how new models of agricultural machinery HORSCH were tested in difficult conditions, during which not only particular models were perfected, but also new ideas for improving production process were born.

Companys owner Michael Horsch together with his eldest son Lukas Horsch could more widely show work of their company. It produces premium class agricultural machinery at 5 factories that are located in Germany and in the USA. Company HORSCH is, as it turned, not only leader of world agricultural machinery construction but also is one of the biggest operators of agricultural production in Europe. Familys Horsch agribusiness has been developed from 1990. It joins 15 farms, that serve 20 000 ha of land (8 000 ha in the Czech Republic and 12 000 ha in Germany) for today.

For meeting enterprise that went into agribusiness Horsch just 15 months ago was chosen not by chance. The enterprise has in service 3 300 ha of land, 1/3 of which is sandy soil, 1/3 is clay and 1/3 is black earth (35/35/65 points). According to experts words, it was difficult to work on combine harvester even with a 6-meter reaper because of fields roughness. Crop capacity of the enterprise at the time of purchase was wheat - 30 kg / ha, barley - 28 kg / ha, rape - 18 kg / ha. Besides that the enterprise specialized on milk production (dairy herd is 600 heads), and also had 120 ha of neglected apple garden. Enterprises tractor force consisted of 58 tractors, workers amount was 77 persons.

Guests were told not only about new enterprises start conditions but also about strategic development plan. According to that plan Lukas Horsch works already on controlled tracking system CTF and he implants this system for every field. There are special programs that help to work out routes tasks for self-propelled machinery, which are necessary for situations when tractor, sprayer, combine, grain loader or other machinery that have one axis width (3 m) moves on a field specially on a given route (technological rut) from year to year.

Guests were shown current fields condition, which had been cultivated, leveled, seeded and sprayed by agricultural machinery Horsch. Technological maps were also provided, logistics process on grain storage, bringing up, loading seeds, fertilizers, spray blend, harvest transporting etc. was detailed described. All these operations are realized by help of new companys HORSCH developments that give possibility to exploit uninterruptedly highly productively aggregates, to achieve high financing results, and well then to be competitive in market.

Ukrainian agricultural companies representatives could not only to see results that were received on machinery Horsch exploitation results, but also to see experienced machinery examples that had not been entered into production yet but were in engineering process and were testing in uneasy that companys production conditions.

It should be note that TOP-managers of above-listed companies have great experience in doing agribusiness in such countries as the USA, Denmark, Scotland, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. It created special professional atmosphere for exchange of agribusiness experience.

Vitalii Mietolkin

Manager for VIP clients of ABA ASTRA LTD

Consultant of internet-portal :

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