Ukrainian Market of Combines Harvesters on Results of Year 2013

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Ukrainian market of combine harvesters is the second by significance in the CIS after Russian one, what points at its importance for world leading agricultural machinery constructors. This market during last 15 years was as range for competition between world-known brands on expanse of openness and limits absence at the market. Results of the year 2013 point at dominance of western brands, to which many domestic agricultural producers gave preference. 

This result was achieved by three basic components, which today just leaders of world agricultural machinery construction from the EU and the USA can offer to the market:

  • delivery of innovative, high-tech and highly productive combines;
  • qualitative after-sales convoy;
  • export financing programs under state support of the EU and the USA.

System approach of western producers provided at the Ukrainian market dominance of combine harvesters of world-famous brands: ClaasJohn DeereNew HollandCase IH.

On results of year 2013 size absorption of the market was 2 100 units, that was filled in fact by import. Part of domestic manufacturer of combine harvesters on last year results was approximately 2% of total machinery amount that were supplied to the market.

Most import goes to new combine harvesters produced in the EU, the CIS, at all 1 205 units. Many Ukrainian agricultural producers chose used combines. During 2013 year 871 used machines were delivered to the market. 

It should be noted that more than 90% of delivered used machines had been imported from the EU, 2/3 of these deliveries went to combine harvesters John Deere (319 units) and Claas (328 units). Top-models of used combine harvesters imported to Ukraine: Claas Lexion 480John Deere 9600

By sales capacity in terms of quantity and, especially, in money terms, the largest interest gives deliveries structure of new combine harvesters on results of year 2013.

Annual results of new combine harvesters market in Ukraine point not only at demand satisfaction, but also at oversaturation of this segment, for demand saturation of which is enough 1000 units. In connection with this one can suppose that carry-over stock in this segment was approximately 15-20% of imported new machines total amount. 

As market participants forecast, by reason of political factors, of hryvnia devaluation, of agrarians financing stopping, import level of combine harvesters will achieve a record minimum in 2014, and part of used combines will significantly increase. 

Vitalii Mietolkin

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Translated by Natalia Dragnieva