In 2014 in Kazakhstan will launch production of agricultural tractors together with Ukraine

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In 2014 in Kostanay will launch production of tractors of the Kharkov tractor plant. On the basis of JSC "AgromashHolding" in Kostanay in 2014 started the production of tractors OJSC "the Kharkov tractor plant. Sergo Ordzhonikidze. This reports the press service of akimat of Kostanay region.

"In addition to already known all harvesters ESSIL that criss in the fields of Kostanay region, and Kazakhstan as a whole, planned to produce a new product - tractor Kharkov tractor plant. The model and the specificity of our experts studied", - said the Chairman of "AgromashHolding" Alexey Sidorenko.

For reference. Kharkiv tractor plant was founded in 1930. In 2012 the volume of production exceeded 1.6 thousand tractors, revenues amounted to more than 635 million ($77.6 million).

For today production of Khartsyzsk pipe plant is a wide range of tractors with capacity from 35 to 190 PS This wheel and crawler tractors of General assignment, arable and cultivated, and a small tractors, which are aggregated with more than 250 items of agricultural machinery and tools. For 75 years of work in the workshops of the enterprise was made about 3 million tractors. Among all tractor plants in the former USSR Khartsyzsk pipe plant is the only plant producing models of tractors of all existing classes - from small garden with capacity from 8 PS to powerful 190-strong - tracked and wheeled.

Property. Until 2007, the main shareholder of Khartsyzsk pipe plant was Kharkiv businessman, co-owner of the DCH group Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy. Now, the plant remains in the property of GAZ group, owned by Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, co-owner of "Basic Element".